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Liz Smith

“Looking over W. Randall Jones’s new book called The Richest Man in Town: The Twelve Commandments of Wealth, I felt I was living in a parallel universe. Aren’t we all supposed to be having a tough time now and not dreaming of wealth at all? Well, Randy founded Worth magazine and he still knows his stuff. He realizes many have fallen on hard times, yet they still cherish high hopes. So I recommend Randy’s clever vision and here is his Rx.”

The Richest Man in Town on Fox and Friends

Business Week, May 2009

“Have you ever wondered who the richest man in town is? W. Randall Jones has. The former magazine executive found himself in a country club near his hometown of Carrollton, Ga., one day when someone he was with pointed out a man at another table and said: ‘See him? He’s the richest man in town.’”

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TIME online

“Does money buy happiness? Well, yes, Jones reports: ‘RMITs love the lives they have created for themselves.’ He crunches the numbers and gives his advice about joining the élite club (‘Get Addicted to Ambition,’ ‘Fail to Succeed’). But most important, keep thy day job.”

Jesse Kornbluth,

“Wealth is the byproduct of worthy activity. It’s what happens when you perform a useful service or make a decent product, then market it aggressively and treat customers decently. It’s about Right Livelihood, not pursuit of money. Sharks may score big for a while, say Jones and his interviewees, but over the long haul it’s the good people who win biggest. . . . A lot of kids will be given this book for graduation, birthdays and holidays. Good. They’ll get something out of it. And so will Randy Jones, who not only has made a very good product here but made damn sure I got a copy.”

Starting Fresh

“I have a giveaway for 5 copies of The Richest Man In Town: Twelve Comandments of Wealth by W. Randall Jones!”


“For readers who are curious about how the richest man (Jones is apologetic about the use of the word man, but sadly, the richest person in most towns is one) in town came by his fortune, this book may well be best in class. And these commandments leave you free to covet all you want.”

Richer by the Day

“All visitors to Richer by the Day would benefit from reading The Richest Man in Town. It is destined to become a classic and has certainly found a prominent place on my recommended reading list.”

“If you wish to strike it rich like Jed Clampett or are buying tickets in hopes of winning the lottery, then this book is not for you. But, if you believe in putting your nose to the grindstone and setting your sights on a goal you will not let go of, then definitely read this book.”

Bottom Line Secrets

“Some of the richest people around did not depend on the stock market (or an inheritance) to achieve their wealth. And often what they did went against the common wisdom.
W. Randall Jones, founder of Worth magazine, tracked down the richest men and women (average net worth: $3.5 billion) in 100 American cities and towns to find out how they achieved their financial success and to explore what the rest of us can do in these difficult times to benefit from their examples. Among the surprising lessons . . .”