Where do the Rich Live?

| April 9, 2010

You might be thinking Greenwich, Connecticut, Grosse Pointe, Michigan or Jupiter Island, Florida, but you have to travel much farther west to find the greatest concentration of the really rich according to the latest data from the IRS. Teton County, Wyoming (Jackson Hole), is the richest county in America according to the latest analysis from [...]

Taxing the Top 2% Solution is No Solution

| February 26, 2009

The Wall Street Journal has a great opinion piece today on the fallacy of President Obama‘s plan to raise the much-needed governmental revenues to institute his economic recovery plan. They call it the “2 Percent Illusion.” See this link: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123561551065378405.html. The Journal points out that if you look at 2006 IRS data—the most recent year for which such tax data are available, and coincidentally a good year for the economy and “the wealthiest 2%”—there is no way that further soaking of the rich can fund his rescue plans.