About the Richest Man in Town

Every town has one. A richest man or woman in town, that is. Without serious thought or reading further, you probably have an idea who is the most successful person in your hometown. Often they are the largest employer, the most generous philanthropist, the most admired; very often, they are the most colorful or even, the most feared person in town. One thing is certain—they hold considerable sway over their town; their influence is unquestioned. So who is the richest, self-sufficient person in New York, Los Angeles, Sacramento or Savannah? The Richest Man in Town isolates the richest self-made person in 100 American towns, delving into their psyches and revealing their very personal stories, and more important, their wisdom on wealth creation. They have all achieved their own American Dream and now, many for the first time; have taken time to reflect on how they did it, what they learned along the way, and what advice they would give to their best friend or their own children or grandchildren.

It was my design that The Richest Man in Town would be the most substantive and substantial collective analysis of modern America’s most successful self-made individuals to date. It is also perhaps the only analysis of the proven ways in which one gets mega rich in America today. F. Scott Fitzgerald may have been right when he wrote, “the rich are different from you and me.” Of course, they have more money, way more money, but are they really that different? What sets them apart other than copious amounts of cash? What are the commonalities among these 100 self-sufficient individuals? Did they set out to get rich or did their success simply evolve over time? What is the one thing that most affected their success? Who was their role model or mentor, or did they even have one? What is the true secret or secrets to their success? Are they religious? What role has marriage or partnership played in their success? At what age did they make it big? Whom do they most admire? What were the most important steps they took to achieve such monumental success? What were the hardest lessons they learned in their journey to becoming the richest person in town? The Richest Man in Town book and this website will answer these questions and analyze the true commonalities of America’s greatest self-made success stories. More important, I will share their wisdom with you so that you too, can join this exclusive (and yes, happy) club. Read on.