Where do the Rich Live?

Posted By on April 9, 2010

You might be thinking Greenwich, Connecticut, Grosse Pointe, Michigan or Jupiter Island, Florida, but you have to travel much farther west to find the greatest concentration of the really rich according to the latest data from the IRS. Teton County, Wyoming (Jackson Hole), is the richest county in America according to the latest analysis from the IRS. I hate to type those three big letters at this time of year, but Teton County residents might expect a few more audits this year. They had the highest adjusted gross income per tax return for 2008, the latest year available. An analysis prepared by Syracuse University shows Teton County tax returns averaging $142,048 for taxes paid by April 15, 2009. That’s almost three times the national average of $55,361. If you’re wondering how can that be—don’t all those Hedge Fund billionaires like Steve Cohen live in Greenwich? Well yes, many of them do and Fairfield County, Connecticut is indeed the second richest. Maybe their ex-wives have moved to Jackson Hole.

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