Who’s Your Favorite RMIT?

Posted By on September 25, 2009

The question I am most often asked when I am interviewed about The Richest Man in Town or when I’m speaking around the country is, “Who is your favorite RMIT?” My answer is always the same. I say, “That’s like asking me which of my three sons is my favorite. I love them all the same.” But upon reflection, that isn’t exactly true—at least when it comes to my RMIT friends. Cole, Chance and Charles—you’re all still equal in my eyes and in my heart. When it comes to my RMITs, however, there were many whom I found more interesting than most, some that were more entertaining, some that were more inspiring than others, and some who were just so nice and helpful that you had to love them just a little bit more because of the sheer size of their hearts. But I am not crazy enough to name one or even a handful in public. I’m so grateful to them all. Truthfully, for me, more than the individual experience, as powerful as those were, it was the collective knowledge, insight and wisdom that changed my life—simply the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. That’s what makes my book so special, I think. But you will be the judge of that. And while you’re at it—email me the name of your favorite RMIT and I’ll pass along the results. It won’t be just our little secret.

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