The Rich Live Longer, Too. How Unfair Is That?

Posted By on March 24, 2009

They already have the financial edge, but can you believe the rich also have the advantage over the rest of us in health and longevity? And it’s not just because they have better access to quality health care, though God knows they do. It seems that social dominance is a key determinant in longevity, and who is more socially dominant than the rich and powerful? Social dominance is highly correlated to intelligence. According to studies by Johns Hopkins-trained sociologist Linda Gottfredson, who currently works at the University of Delaware, it boils down to one rather simple reason: the rich are smarter than the poor. They don’t smoke; they are proactive in managing their health; they take their prescription medications properly. The rich really do have all the advantages. This causes two questions to swirl around in my mind: The stress hormones are raging for the rich these days. With the current populist outrage aimed at the plutocracy, will this health and longevity disparity continue? More important, how can the rich and intelligent help to make their health advantages and longevity trickle down the socioeconomic chain? Thoughts?

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